Together: A Memorable Weekend

Together: A Memorable Weekend

Our first weekend of the season was nothing short of amazing, filled with new experiences, community and of course, women's football.

A Weekend in St Albans

Our adventure began on a Friday evening when we received an invitation to join the Arsenal Women Supporters Club shoot. This exciting event was also in collaboration with il Makiage, a makeup brand proudly sponsored by Arsenal Women's team. It was fantastic to finally meet the incredible people we've been chatting with online for quite some time.

Train strikes forced us to spend a couple of nights in St Albans instead of just traveling down on the Saturday for the shoot. Initially, it seemed like an inconvenience, but it turned out to be the icing on the cake. St Albans itself is a charming place and we had the opportunity to hang out with some truly awesome people, making our weekend even more enjoyable.

A Podcast and Pre-Match Fun

Sunday marked the beginning of the new season, and it started off with an exciting podcast with "The Kickback" with Nirali. Nirali was a fantastic host, making us feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the podcast recording. A podcast which is due to be released today, so go check it out - The Kickback - Podcast. Spending time with her during the day at the game and the pre-match fun was awesome. We joined the fan walk and raided the Armoury for new Arsenal gear, all part of the pre-match excitement, as well as meeting old and new friends. 

The Game: A Bumpy Start to the Season

The highly anticipated game against Liverpool was our main event, but it didn't go as smoothly as we had hoped. Unfortunately, it appeared that the team had yet to fully gel, which isn't surprising considering the numerous changes and new team members. Preseason had been short, leaving little time to get into gear. However, it's essential to remember that one game doesn't define a season. Even last season, Chelsea, the reigning champions, lost to Liverpool, so perhaps this is a good omen for us.

A Call for Positivity

While we can understand the disappointment after a challenging game, we were disheartened to see hurtful comments on social media and even from some individuals at the actual game. Disrespectful behavior and negative comments have no place in the Arsenal community. Arsenal is about love, positivity and unity. Let's remember that every player on the pitch is working hard to represent our club and they deserve our support and encouragement, especially during challenging times.


Our weekend in St Albans and at Sundays game was a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with ups and downs. But that's the beauty of football—it's unpredictable and keeps us coming back for more. As we move forward in this new season, let's stand together as a community, supporting our team with love and positivity.

Thank you for joining us on this journey and stay tuned for more updates, art and storytelling as we continue to celebrate women's football and promote its visibility. Together, we can make a difference both on and off the pitch. Arsenal, we love you, and we're behind you all the way!

Becca & Jade x

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