Join us in helping fund our latest project, Whatever the Weather: Part 2, set to release this summer. While the first book was self-funded, we're seeking support to cover costs for this eagerly anticipated sequel. Our fundraiser, initially on GoFundMe, has now transitioned to ensure your donation directly impacts our projects, without fees or stopping us from giving you donation perks. International customers still please process your donation through GoFund Me for the foreseeable future.

Our work is a pioneering force in a realm where a void still exists in books and illustrations dedicated to the women's game. Your support goes beyond creating compelling stories; it helps us evolve our storytelling, infusing more music to create an immersive experience. Our mission is to inspire and captivate fans, forging a deeper connection with the extraordinary stories of women in football. Fuelled by our passion, we are dedicated to investing our time and energy in projects that honour the extraordinary stories of women in football. However, to turn these visions into reality, we need financial backing.


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A Lioness Legacy - An empowering exploration that unveils untold stories, strength, and determination as the Lionesses secure victory at the Euros, rewriting the narrative of football in England.

Beyond the Green and Gold - A heartfelt tribute to the Matildas, the Australian women's national football team, intricately capturing their extraordinary journey and achievements.

Join us in sharing and recreating these stories, ensuring they are not forgotten. Together, let's build a library of books, not just for current fans, but also for future enthusiasts and aspiring footballers. Thank you for being part of our story!