AFTA Studios is where art meets women's football. We specialise in a variety of creative endeavours, each aimed at celebrating the beauty of the game. See below for what we can offer - please do get in touch if you wish to work / collaborate with us: aftastudios1@gmail.com


We produce high-quality cartoon style illustrations that capture the essence of women's football. From player portraits, heartfelt moments to action-packed match-day scenes, our artwork brings the spirit of the game to life with every illustration. Through our illustrations, we tell stories that celebrate the triumphs and challenges of female footballers.

Previous clients/collaborations include: DAZN, Girls on the Ball, FSA, ata Football

See a variety of illustrations on our social media platforms: @aftastudios @artfromthearsenal


We create compelling graphic novels and comics that offer an immersive experience into the world of women's football. Each novel follows captivating storylines and match days though cartoon style artwork, providing fans with a unique way to engage with their favourite teams and players. Explore our debut graphic novel series, 'Whatever the Weather: Season 23/24', which follow the Arsenal Women 23/24 Season.

Content Creation

We believe in making match day experiences fun and light-hearted for fans. Alongside match coverage and pre & post match antics, our approach includes bringing a fresh and creative perspective to the game through crossover content. From live drawings during matches and animated highlights, we offer a fun and engaging way for fans to enjoy the game and connect with the community in a whole new light.

See a variety of reels on our social media platforms: @aftastudios @artfromthearsenal


We create merchandise which features our unique cartoon style designs. These playful illustrations capture the essence of the game, showcasing fan chants and iconic moments that resonate with fans and players alike.