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AFTA Family Tier - £3/month

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 By joining this tier, you become part of the AFTA Family 💖

Tip Jar: Your support helps fund our projects and enables us to keep posting regularly and self-publishing books. Subscribing not only supports our community and projects but also enables us to express gratitude by gifting and rewarding those actively contributing and supporting our work to grow the women's game. 

🎁 Exclusive Content: Phone wallpapers, sneak peeks, and behind-the-scenes drawings/videos, as well as a monthly Spotify playlist and downloadable colouring sheets.

📦 Optional Welcome Pack Letter: Postage charge £2.50

🔑 Optional Introductory Gift: AFTA Keyring (worth £6) - additional one-off charge of £4.50.

🔄 Subscription Details: Subscription is through direct debit, and by signing up, you agree to the terms. Subscriptions will be renewed on the 1st of every month after the initial payment. Contact us at to change this cycle. You can cancel at any time, preferably 48 hours before the next payment.

 💰 £3.00/month (Excludes postage costs; excludes extra gifts, or optional offers).

Your subscription implies consent to the monthly charge. Additional charges billed separately.



Terms and Conditions: Monthly Subscriptions

🎨 Exclusive Designs: Monthly prints, stickers, and VIP tees with unique AFTA Studios designs.

👕 Exclusive Clothing Access Tiers:

  • Super Fan and VIP Tee Tiers: Exclusive access to AFTA-designed tees; upgrade to jumpers or hoodies at an extra cost. (Excludes AFTA Family Tier.)

🚫 Non-Selectable Designs: Subscribers cannot choose specific designs.

🌟 Subscription Exclusivity: Monthly perks available only to subscribers, including exclusive designs.

🔄 Consistent Renewal: Subscribers receive fresh prints, stickers, and VIP tees with each renewal.

Cancellation and Refunds: Non-refundable under buyer's remorse. Monthly subscriptions cannot be canceled if the payment has been taken; cancellation will be effective the following month. Issues or faults discussed directly with AFTA Studios.

👕 VIP Tee Size & Colour Selection: Selection made at the start; changes not allowed after the deadline.

🛠️ Handling Issues or Faults: Contact for resolution.

📧 Communication: Regular emails providing exclusive AFTA Family content. Subject to continuous email correspondence with AFTA Studios.

💸 Price Changes: Customers notified; non-response within 14 days leads to subscription termination.

🔑 Intro Keyring Offer: Introductory keyring offer price limited to the sign-up deal.

🔐 Subscription Process: Direct debit renewal on the 1st of every month. Cancellation possible anytime, preferably 48 hours before the next payment. Address provided during sign-up serves as the designated postage address.

📦 International Customers: Additional charges for postage and import taxes may apply to international orders. To receive any of your monthly exclusive items, including the tee, please place your order through Etsy. You'll get an exclusive discount code, reducing any associated costs to 1p or its equivalent.

🎁 Reciprocal Contribution: Monthly subscriptions provide a platform for expressing gratitude and acknowledging individuals actively contributing to and supporting our current and upcoming projects for the advancement of the women's gaming community. By financially backing these initiatives, subscribers receive exclusive AFTA merch gifts as a token of our appreciation.

📜 Terms Agreement: By signing up, subscribers explicitly agree to these terms.

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Jasmine Bailey
High quality and beautiful product

It’s always a beautiful collection

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